Lucid Dream Mask

Lucid Dream Mask

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Only question is: "What will you do in them?"

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is simply put - the ability to control your dreams. 
It is the ability to fly, visit Mars, or see in all directions at the same time.
You can taste a cloud, meet your hero, or have a conversation with your subconscious. 
It is the ability to actually experience anything that you can imagine and to learn more about yourself. 


Lucid dreaming is precipitated by consciously recognizing that you are in a dream. Once that is accomplished, all that is left is to take control of it.

This mask helps you do that. 

Dreams are indistinguishable from reality which makes it very difficult to know that you dreaming. You need an external stimulus to alert you that you are in a dream. 

This mask has red LEDs which can be programmed to flash during your REM period of sleep. When everything in your reality turns a shade of red, you learn to recognize that as a dream. 

It allows you to program the timing, flashing pattern and intensity of red lights.  

Adventure away.